8 Signs of Anorexia ...


8 Signs of Anorexia ...
8 Signs of Anorexia ...

Anorexia is a well-known eating disorder. If one is struggling with their body image and believes they are overweight, then they are prone to anorexia. Many believe that it is only women who have this eating disorder, but day in and day out, we see more and more guys coming down with this eating disorder. So, what are some signs of anorexia? Below, I am going to give you 8 signs of anorexia.

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Extreme Weight Loss

If one has lost a lot of weight and still losing weight, then they may have anorexia. This symptom should go hand in hand with some of the other signs I am going to give you. Extreme weight loss could also be a sign of an underlying health problem.


Never Eating

Never Eating Photo Credit: MyMaSs

Of course, this is a sign of anorexia. When someone never eats, you really have to wonder about them, especially when there are other symptoms.


Avoiding Crowds

Avoiding Crowds Photo Credit: Ariel Elizabeth

Trust me, when someone has anorexia, they will avoid crowds. Specifically, they try to avoid crowds where they know there will be food. When I was a teenager, I didn’t like going to someone’s house when they would be serving dinner for this exact reason.


Obsessing over Body Image

When one has anorexia, they may obsess with their body image. Wait, no, they WILL obsess over their body image. This is definitely something to look for.


Wearing Baggy Clothes

One who is dealing with anorexia will wear baggy clothes. This is to hide the fact that they have lost an excessive amount of weight.


Missing 3 or More Menstrual Periods in a Row

Missing 3 or More Menstrual Periods in a Row Photo Credit: julie.anna

Of course, this is for females only. When a female misses 3 or more menstrual periods in a row, this is a sign of anorexia.


Eating Only Specific Foods

Eating Only Specific Foods Photo Credit: Jenny Stone

Specifically, the ones that are low in calories. This sign should go along with the other signs I have listed on here. Specifically only eating low-calorie foods is not a sign of anorexia, unless it is with some of the other signs here.

There you have 8 signs of anorexia. I just gave you all of the secret signs that people with anorexia try to hide. Do you have any other signs you want to share?

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Where's seven lol :()

number 7 is missing :)

#2 needs more clarification as it may be the sign of pregnancy or anything more serious. For me I am not anorexic though I wished as I love eating and completely make myself fool by telling I am not eating more than a bird!But I make sure to burn those extra calories to keep in shape.

Ok-some of these things are completely inaccurate of what its like to struggle with Anorexia-Not all Anorexic people are the same-I had had Anorexia Nervosa for 8 years-Anorexia is defined by extreme weight loss, self starvation, and a distorted perception of your body-Anorexia has to meet a specific criteria in order to be diagnosed-skipping a few meals and thinking you are fat doesn't mean you are anorexic all of a sudden-people who develop anorexia are genetically predispositioned to develop it (meaning you can't just pick anorexia one day because you want to lose a few pounds) Not all anorexic people think they are fat-I am naturally skinny-i just see myself as not thin enough, if that makes sense-And also. it is absolutely incorrect that Anorexic people never eat-Everyone has to eat-even Anorexic people-those of us with Anorexia simply restrict our food intake to the point where we are basically starving all the time-Not all anorexic people count calories or eat low calorie food-I am afraid of gaining weight, really-not necessarily of the types of food i eat-And yes, Anorexic people are very uncomfortable with their bodies, no matter how thin they get-But not all Anorexics wear baggy clothing-I guess it's part of the disorder, but i basically will just wear something that shows off how thin i am, just to give me a comfort that i am still anorexic-and i have to constantly weigh myself-i hate having anorexia, but at the same time, i can't let it go....anorexia is a horrible illness-i will never understand people who "want" to have it

I have anorexia

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