Managing Stress in the Toughest of Times ...


Managing Stress in the Toughest of Times ...
Managing Stress in the Toughest of Times ...

How can you destress or manage it even in the toughest moments?

We’ve all been through those times when you feel like suddenly there’s so much coming at you and, before it even gets there you’re already freaking out but you can’t do anything about it. At this moment you may feel anxious, stressed, unable to take decisions, and you don’t know what you want, you can’t think straight, and you’re not yourself. How can you manage it?

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Be Aware of Time

Be conscious that you have time, even though you think you don’t. You can do so much in one evening, even just in 30 minutes. Be aware of that time, and the sooner you’ll do that, the sooner you’ll get working. The key is to realise it, get on to it, and work efficiently. You need to concentrate. Let go of it all and take one thing at a time, but fully. You may be thinking about everything so trying to do it all at once thinking it’ll help but it won’t; it’s just overwhelming and tiring and not helpful. See how much time you have and use it fully, get what you have.


Meditate and Exercice

It may sound crazy to have so much to do and still find other things to do, but it’s actually beneficial. When you have a full day planned, take 30 minutes to exercise, and if that sounds like too much, then you can’t refuse 5 minutes of meditation, deep breathing. After all, 5 minutes is nothing and it’s better to spend it relaxing rather than spending it thinking about what you’ve got to do.


Bracelet Technique

Take a bracelet that you could easily take off. When you feel stressed, or even just in a position/mindset you don’t want to be in, take it off and put it on the other hand. Associate that gesture to a change of mindset. This goes for stress and many other things. I find it beneficial for binge eating. It helps you stop and reason by taking your time.


See Pleasure Not Obligation

Everything you do, all your tasks, approach with excitement. Consider yourself lucky to do it. See it as something you want to do. If you can’t manage that, or if just some days it doesn’t work and you can’t find a purpose, than tell yourself that by doing this, you’re proving something to yourself, you’re going beyond your comfort zone and that’s so beneficial. Finding pleasure in what you do will help you ease your mind, focus on one thing at a time, and you’ll feel satisfied in a way that suits you once completed. In my opinion, approach is everything.

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