Telltale Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder ...


Telltale  Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder ...
Telltale  Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder ...

Most of us on earth, especially women are suffering from anxiety problems. That's why it's so important to understand the signs you may have an anxiety disorder. Some of us may able to control this problem, but some may not. Untreated anxiety can affect your life. A anxiety disorder is actually a psychiatric problem and it requires treatment to help you manage the condition. There's no shame in admitting that you have symptoms of an anxiety disorder so seeking help is necessary. Give your doctor a call if you experience any of these signs of an anxiety disorder.

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Do You Worry a Lot?

Do you worry about everything and anything? Have you been worrying for at least 6 months? It's time to seek help.


Do You Feel Anxious for No Reason?

Do you worry and know that it's unfounded? If your answer is YES, help is needed.


Do You Feel Unusually Tired Most of the Time?

Is your anxiety making you feeling unusually tired? Do you feel like lying down most of the time? Do you have lack of drive or motivation to do a task? You need help!


Do You Always Feel Restless?

Do you always feel restless and on edge? Does your heart always race faster than normal? Do you have dry mouth, hand tremors and profuse sweating? Better get yourself checked out.


Do You Have Muscle Tension?

If you always get an aches and pains on your neck, shoulder or your lower back, you could be holding your anxiety inside. Same goes if you get a lot of headaches.


Do You Always Feel More Irritable than Normal?

You become more irritable than normal and you lose your temper easily. You scold people more often than usual. If you're getting unreasonably irritated with things that never bothered you before, anxiety could be the cause.


Do You Have Problems with Concentration?

Everyone finds it hard to focus on a task from time to time, but if your focus can be easily get distracted and you lose all your ability to concentrate, it's time to let your doctor know what's going on.


Do You Have Sleep Problems?

When you feel anxious or worry, your sleep can be disturbed. You may have problems getting yourself to sleep. Or your sleep may not as satisfactory as before. Often, treating the anxiety can help you return to normal sleeping patterns so get checked out as soon as possible.

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