8 Smart Ways to Deal with Stress ...


8 Smart Ways to Deal with Stress ...
8 Smart Ways to Deal with Stress ...

Coping with stress can seem impossible. It´s essential, though, to take control of the stress – even if you can´t take control of whatever´s causing it. Otherwise your mental and physical health will be affected. Since stress is usually caused by external influences, you can´t always eradicate it, but you can learn techniques and ways of coping with stress. So here are some ways to deal with stress and help yourself to manage the effect it has on you.

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Keeping your worries to yourself can be toxic. We all need someone to confide in, and the simple fact of voicing them out loud can help. What´s more, someone looking at the situation from the outside can often see ways of helping that you yourself are too close to the problem to recognise.


Take Control

The problem with stress is that it can very quickly spiral until it becomes uncontrollable. Result: we get sick and even more stressed. Take control of the situation as much as you can. This allows you to feel less helpless, instead of feeling that the stress is controlling you.


Time out

Time out from a stressful situation is ESSENTIAL. Being a carer, for example, can leave you little free time. But it´s so important to get away, even if only for a couple f hours. Time out allows you to recharge and relax a little, which will help when you return to the stressful situation.



People around us, whether friends, family or bosses, can be very demanding of our time and energy, and many of us find it hard to say no when they want something, or ignore a ringing phone. For your own sake you simply just have to make yourself unavailable sometimes. Switch off your cellphone, go out without it, or just say you don´t have time when you´re asked for yet another favour.


Relaxation Classes

Taking relaxation classes is an excellent way of coping with stress. Classes not only provide you with an opportunity to get away, even if only for a short time, but also teach you useful techniques to calm your mind and body.


Accept What You Can´t Change

Stress is frequently caused by wishing that things were different and yet knowing that we can´t change them. Let´s say that you have a difficult family member. You can´t change them, but what you can change is your own reaction. So limit how often you speak to them, or ignore spiteful comments, for example.


Put Yourself First

One of the most important ways of dealing with stress is to put yourself first. This doesn´t mean you´re selfish, it means you´re smart. Some people place far too many demands on others, and sometimes you need to say no. Even unavoidable stress is easier to cope with if you make sure that you are in good shape – how can you look after others if you´re in a bad way yourself?



Another good tip for coping with stress is to prioritise. I know from experience that I can get myself into a complete tangle trying to deal with all the things I need to do, and all I achieve is to get nothing done! So get the most important tasks done first, then you will start to feel a sense of achievement and gradually tick more and more off your list.

Coping with stress is tough going, as when you´re under pressure the last thing you feel like doing is making an effort. Yet it is very important to find the energy to take charge and work at reducing the effect that stress has on you. Which ways do you swear by of dealing with stress – what helps you when times are tough?

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For some reason I can't stop stressing I use to work out but I stop because I was bitten by a dog in a lost lots a weight and I was depressed. I was on bed rest for two weeks. Ill try to sleep but its like I can't stop. Any suggestions??

i go kickboxing to deal with my stress and trust me it works

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