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For someone who suffers from panic disorders, everyday life can be a bit challenging, so I can definitely say that there are quite a few things only people with anxiety understand. Todd Farchione, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University, says that “there are certain stigmas that society has created for anxiety sufferers, but even more opportunities to overcome them.” Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, you should still pay attention to these next few things only people with anxiety understand, because this way, you will be able to be more supportive, more understanding and more caring. So, here goes:

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You Can’t Just Calm down

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most common things only people with anxiety understand. Even if you try really hard and everyone around you tells you to calm down and relax, sometimes it’s extremely hard to do it, especially if you have a panic attack. On the other hand, you should know that there are a few techniques you can use when you’re feeling this way. With a bit of exercise, you’ll be able to master them in no time and you’ll know what you have to do to calm down when you’re feeling anxious.


Fear Has a Different Meaning

For someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, fear definitely has a different meaning. Everyone is afraid sometimes and on certain occasions, it’s only natural to feel this way; for example, if you have to make a big speech or if you have to take an important exam. Well, for someone who suffers from a panic disorder, these day-by-day challenges can be pretty overwhelming and exhausting.


Being Anxious is More than Being Stressed out

Being anxious is more than being stressed out, but apparently studies show that stress is a contagious emotion and that two people commiserating on the negative are actually doing more harm than good. Keith Humphreys, Stanford University psychiatry professor says, that “if you have two people who are anxious, they may feed off each other. If people have trouble controlling their own anxiety, try not to engage in that activity even if you think it might help.”


Over-thinking is Really Exhausting

Over-thinking and over-analyzing are really exhausting, but someone who suffers from anxiety just can’t help it. It’s actually a toxic circle where your worries become your thoughts and your thoughts become your worries. A lot of studies have found that ruminating on negative thoughts is “one of the biggest predictors of depression and anxiety,” and more often anxiety suffers tend to get “too lost in the negatives.”


Panic Attacks Are Always Surprising

Panic attacks always catch you off guard and they are never convenient. Sometimes they happen when you least expect them, for example, when you just leave your house on a sunny day to go take a walk in the park. This can often be completely debilitating, but there are quite a few techniques you can learn that will help you deal with your anxiety in a healthier way.


Other People’s Concerns Only Make Things Worse

Even if the people around you are well-intended when they notice that you’re not feeling too good, even if they are trying to help you calm down, they usually just make things worse. There’s nothing scarier than someone telling you that you don’t look so good, especially when there’s nothing wrong with you and you were actually feeling fine.


You Always Doubt Yourself

People who suffer from anxiety tend to doubt themselves a lot. Whether they doubt that they’ve closed the door (even if they’ve checked five times already), that they’ll get a bad grade on that important exam (even if they’ve studied a lot for it) or that other people won’t like them (even if they are extremely pleasant to be around), they always find a reason to doubt their abilities.

Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis is not easy, but there are quite a few things you can do to improve your well-being. Do you know any other things only people with anxiety understand? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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@nat saying that everyone has anxiety is a clear representation of your astounding understanding of psychology. in fact, I believe that you may even be intelligent enough to understand the concept that words may have double meanings and can be used in different ways. you may also be able to comprehend simple sentence structure, so here is an example: 'I feel anxious today, and have before.' this is not anxiety. you may feel anxious, but you do not have a mental disorder. 'I have a mental disorder, anxiety.' this is an example of someone stating the fact/false belief that they have. someone without anxiety -person one- has normal, everyday worries that they have the mental ability to get over and they do not overthink, plan five or ten steps ahead and then change their mind, start hyperventilating in the shopping mall, or make themselves so terrified their ability to live is severely curbed. person number one would not stay at home because they are absolutely, unutterably terrified of something that may or may not be a possibility. person number one has never had to deal with any of that or anything like that. person number two has, and it is deemed fitting by people who have studied this particular mental disorder that prevents people from enjoying simple things such as ordering meals without rehearsing their order twenty times that people affected be prescribed a pill that will help stop it. as you clearly do not suffer from a mental disorder such as anxiety (despite your belief that you do, and so does the rest of the world), you have absolutely no foundation or structure in your argument and it is therefore dismissed.

As someone with chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder,everything and I mean everything is a struggle,the constant overthinking and catastrophic thoughts,my anxious thoughts become so bad I become depressed and self isolate,the cycle is continuous,medication doesn't do crap. Am I just made to be a anxious mess? Getting a therapist or psychologist is hard af and the waiting lists are insane,i honestly have no idea how I do it,get up every morning even when I don't want to,and fake a smile even when I'm dying inside,it's honestly so exhausting

@leilah you do not get that anxiety is a mental disorder. you think everyone has bouts of anxiety, and that it should be called a personality quirk. well guess what? it. is. a. disorder. there is a huge difference between personality quirk and being controlled by regular bouts of anxiety which can ruin your life. also, people are not classifying everything as a mental disorder. that's an ignorant statement. if you want to hear the rest of what I have to say to form an argument against my reply, look at my comment directed at nat.

'Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil'. I, myself, have suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which is an anxiety disorder, for years. Someone who has never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder has no way to understand what a person who truly suffers from anxiety on a daily basis. Some people are nervous and worry a lot, true. Others, such as myself, experience that and so much more. A 'true' anxiety attack for me includes symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, unable to catch my breath, nausea and the inability to think straight. My mind does not work, I forget what I'm doing or what I need to do. Everything around me is a blur, and I can't hear, as if I am in a dream. I feel an overwhelming sense of dread. Then, eventually once it passes, I develop a migraine from the spike in my blood pressure and pulse. To live everyday planned out, from the route you will drive to and from work for fear of having to face something new, to hoping and praying you make it home without something bad, different happening. To have the or

I get that anxiety is a mental disorder, but we all do get bouts of anxiety whether we actually have the disorder or not. I think we should stop classifying everything as mental disorders and instead call them different types of personalities. Some people get more anxious over things than others do, but there are also varying shades of gray in between. Also, if the paragraphs are getting cut off you should go update your app. it's just a bug.

Everyone has anxiety. I don't believe it should be characterized as a disorder. Now it's just another thing doctors throw pills at.

why are some paragraphs cut off??

You've obviously never had an issue with anxiety @nat

anxiety is a horrible feeling. you can't control panic attacks and sometimes random things or conversations can send you into full blown attack. my old boss sent me into attacks almost daily. like can't breathe hide under the desk shaking attacks. I am glad he quit honestly.

This is so true. So true.

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