14 Things You Can do if You Are Feeling Suicidal ...


14 Things You Can do if You Are Feeling Suicidal ...
14 Things You Can do if You Are Feeling Suicidal ...

Having suicidal thoughts is nothing to be ashamed of. There are simply times in one’s life when you experience too many problems than you can cope with. Do not think for one second that you are crazy or weak; you simply lack effective coping mechanisms to deal with the stressors in life. If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, then please take time to read this. I am here to suggest some things you can do to get through this time in your life.

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Call for Help!

If you are feeling suicidal right now, then please call for help. You can try using befrienders.org to find suicide hotlines available in your city. If your city doesn’t have a hotline, then it is best to call someone you trust.


Don’t do Anything Right Now

I know how tempting it is to end your life. But please don’t do anything at this very moment. You don’t have to act on your feelings right now. You may feel like you have no control over the things going on in your life, but you can make a choice right now. Please choose to wait things out before doing anything. Promise yourself that you will wait 24 hours, 1 week, or even a month before you do anything to harm yourself.


Avoid Intoxicating Substances

Do not drink alcohol or do drugs in an effort to numb the pain you are feeling. In reality, intoxicating substances can only make you feel worse. You won’t be able to think clearly and that might amplify the negative thoughts and emotions.


Suicide-proof Your Home

It is important that you make your home safe for you during times of a suicidal crisis. You should remove tools that you can use to harm yourself such as sharp objects, firearms, toxic chemicals, and pills. If you are planning to overdose on your medication, then ask someone to control your pills for you.


Get out of the House

If you don’t feel safe at home, then go some place where you will feel safe. If you don’t trust yourself to be alone, then you should call someone who you know will be willing to keep you company while you wait for the suicidal feelings to pass.


Talk about Your Thoughts and Feelings

Keeping things inside is a sure-fire way to feel worse. Do not be afraid or ashamed to talk about your feelings because this can really help release the pressure building up inside you. Talk to a therapist, a friend, a member of the clergy, a close teacher, a guidance counselor, a family doctor, or anyone else you trust. They might be able to help you come up with a plan to help you cope with your problems.


Make a Crisis Plan

A crisis plan is a list of steps you can follow during times of a suicidal crisis. You can memorize it but it would be good to put up a copy of the plan in a highly visible location. Your plan should include contact numbers of your doctor, therapist, and any friends and family who can be of assistance.


Make a Routine

Your routine is your daily schedule. It is basically a list of things you can do on a regular basis. Try to stick to it even if you don’t feel like doing so. A routine can help keep your day normal or regular in spite all the troublesome feelings.


Don’t Deny Yourself Happiness

A good way to minimize the negative feelings you have is to do things that make you happy. I understand that it might be hard to get into an activity, but just make the choice to give it a try. You can start by doing the simplest things like looking at happy photos, listening to happy songs, or playing a funny online game. Also try activities that you can do with other people so you won’t be isolated. These happy activities can give you a break from suicidal thoughts.


Avoid Things That Make You Feel Bad

You have a choice to not purposely do things that make you sad. You should avoid triggers that can aggravate suicidal thoughts. Some examples of these things are sad photos, movies, and songs, negative people, and even places that evoke negative memories.


Get Help from Nature

You will feel a whole lot better if you don’t hole yourself up in your room when you experience suicidal thoughts. Go outside and bask in the warm sunshine. The light from the sun can really help lift your mood. You can also try to relax and take pleasure in the peacefulness of nature.


Do Something Physical

It can be a difficult choice but you should find the time and strength to exercise and move your body. The endorphins released during physical activity can really help make you feel good even for a short while.


Think of What Keeps You Alive

I know a psychiatrist who admitted that she has also experienced being suicidal. She said that one thing that prevented her from ending it all was her attachment to her children. She had a reason to live so it wasn’t easy to choose death over life. This might work for you if you feel suicidal. Think of the things that keep you alive. Do you have any goals and plans? Who are the people that make life worth living?


Don’t Despair

Depression and suicidal feelings are not unmanageable or untreatable. You can get help for the depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as the other problems that might be causing you so much distress. You can cope and there are people who will help you learn how. So take comfort in the fact that this will all pass.

You might feel like no one understands your pain and the things you are going through right now. That might be true, but that doesn’t mean that people are not willing to help you. You have to believe that you are not alone in this. If you reach out and open up, there will be people who will help you get through this. I hope that the suggestions in this post will help you if you are feeling suicidal. Feel free to open up in the comments section if you need some advice or support.

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Do u know any women group or any institution who can deal with women suffering of abuses Since got married. I want to know plz help me.

I think no one is taking me seriously but I am suicidal now a days.

I think talk is the most important one. Great post

Well, the last time I cut myself was in August.

I'm more often than not depressed, so suicidal thoughts are almost natural for me. One thing that helped me a lot, though, was writing. I started a blog and whenever I felt like I wanted to kill myself, I wrote about my feelings and lots of other things until the blues subside. And of course, talking to people who I know I could trust helped a ton, too.

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