7 Ways to Deal with Laugh Lines ...


7 Ways to Deal with Laugh Lines ...
7 Ways to Deal with Laugh Lines ...

Anxiety about laugh lines tends to sneak up on you; one day you’re merrily giggling away, and the next you’re counting your crow’s feet under a magnifying glass and trying hard not to smile too much. While I’m not averse to the odd natural crinkle – the kind that makes a face look alive and full of character – I’m not keen to develop great cavernous ravines running from the corners of my eyes and around my mouth, and for those of you who feel the same, I’ve compiled this list of 7 ways to deal with laugh lines.

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Stay Hydrated

As always, it is important to remember that treating your skin for signs of aging is process that starts from the inside and works out. Staying hydrated is fundamental to any wrinkle prevention routine, and that means drinking at least one and a half litres of water a day. This will help to keep your skin moisturised and feeling firmer, and will guard against dryness and tightness that aggravate the appearance of lines.


Eat Right

In addition to keeping yourself well hydrated, it is also a good idea to re-evaluate your diet if you are keen to take effective measures to guard against wrinkles and lining of the skin. Try to boost your consumption of anti-oxidant rich foods: this will help your body to fight off harmful free-radicals that contribute significantly to the development of wrinkles.


Peel Away the Years

Chat to your doctor or dermatologist about the possibility of getting a chemical peel. This procedure involves stripping the skin of its surface layer so that younger, less-lined skin develops in its place. While it is possible to buy the acid, abrasive solution for use in your own home, the process is invariably more effective when it is performed by a professional.



Invest in a retinoid product and apply this regularly to the lined area. This kind of topical treatment, which is rich in Vitamin A, helps to boost collagen production to keep skin firm and elastic, and also speeds up cell renewal which reduces wrinkling and evens discoloration.


Ditch Your Bad Habits

Studies show that smoking cigarettes quite dramatically speeds up the aging process and contributes specifically to the acceleration of facial wrinkling. The chemicals in tobacco cause to develop a leathery, lined texture, and the repetitive pursing of the lips can also lead to a puckering of the skin around the mouth.



Make sure that your complexion stays healthy by choosing products rich in important nutrients; vitamins E and C, for example, will help to keep the skin functioning efficiently and bolster its capacity to regenerate and renew itself. You can take supplements to ensure your body is getting its full quota of vital nutrients, and you can also apply topical creams, lotions and even natural home-made masks which will help to give you’re skin the nourishment it needs.



All skin needs to be protected from the damaging effects of the sun. Exposure to UVA and UVB significantly contributes to the aging process, and will doubtless increase your laugh lines. Remember to apply a good quality sunblock every day – even if you live somewhere where the sun is constantly covered by clouds. This will help both to prevent lines from forming in the first place, and to halt the progress of the ones that already exist.

Short of surgery, there is no miracle cure that will immediately erase the appearance of lines and wrinkles. As with so many things, successfully managing your aging process is a holistic business, and one that must affect every area of your lifestyle. That concludes my list of 7 ways to deal with laugh lines; do you have any suggestions of your own to add?

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